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At this time we do not know what our fees will be. When we have more information, we will send an email to everybody. 


We will be ordering new uniforms for the players to keep. We are trying to avoid shipping delays by ordering early. Here is the link to get your sizing information. 

This form must be submitted by 02/10/2021.

Player packs- 

The player packs will be ordered and bought by players. More info to come on these items later in February.  

Preseason workouts-  

Mondays (Seniors and Freshman) Wednesdays (Juniors and Sophomores) 

3:30-5:30 at South High School in commons.  

Feb 1 (12th and 9th grades) and Feb 3 (11th and10th grades)

Feb 8 (12th and 9th grades) and Feb 10 (11th and 10th grades)

Workouts are limited to 24 players at a time. We will make alterations after a week or two. 

What to bring to workouts- 

-ASD Covid-19 Release Waiver - You can only attend practice if we have this waiver on file!! 

-I would like players and parents to join my remind group to get up to date info on workouts. Send @2021sah to 81010.

-Before each workout, players must complete the ASD screener questions. This can be done with a smart phone or with paper and pencil. Players will have their temperature checked each workout and will be turned away if they have a fever over 100*.  

-If players are not feeling well, please err on the side of caution and stay home. 

-Players are encouraged not to ride together unless they are from the same household. 

-Be On Time and Stay The Whole Time to assist with put up and take down of equipment. If you are late, you might not be admitted. Contact Coach Nerland with any special circumstances (work schedule, other athletic team, ect.)    

-Must wear a mask or other PPE the whole time while at South.   

-Water bottle (already filled.)

-Your own bat and batting gloves (no sharing of batting gloves gloves.)  

-Your glove. 

-A tube sock for Sock throwing and your own baseball, if you prefer.  

-Try to avoid bringing your entire bag, unless you are a catcher and we are working on catching that day.  

We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and wipes, but if you want to bring your own, or want to donate to the team that would be great!   

How to sign up for the 2021 baseball season...

First, and most importantly, the following must be completed BEFORE the first day of practice to confirm your student’s ability to participate.

  1. If you haven't already completed your Athletic Forms in your PlanetHS account (both parent and athlete) for this school year, please do that first. If you don’t yet have a PlanetHS account, please create both a parent and athlete account (and link them together) at the following link: PlanetHS

  2. ASAA has recently added a new COVID form to PlanetHS THAT MUST COMPLETED BY EVERYONE.

  3. Send an email to letting her know that you need your baseball eligibility checked. She will confirm eligibility and respond to your email, copying the coach, with your eligibility status. 

  4. Please don't wait until the first day of practice to complete this process or you may not be able to participate that day, which could affect tryouts. 

If there are any questions or you need assistance with accessing your PlanetHS account, email . 

Looking forward to a great season! Thanks for your support!

If there are any other questions please email me directly.

Taylor Nerland

Clark Middle School PE 

Baseball Coach South Anchorage High School

2021 Parent/Player Information: About
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